Marine Choquenet

Marine has been an educator for nearly 20 years and became an Equine Assisted Learning facilitator in 2019. She has developed expertise at managing young people, communicating clearly, and devising and delivering rich education programs. She has an unfailing passion for horses that started in her early teenage years, owns a beautiful Icelandic mare and is undertaking further studies in Equine Science with the University of Guelph to become an informed advocate on horse welfare.

Marine is now focused on combining her educational competenices, her love for horses and her dedication to adolescents’ development to assist young clients in their endeavour to build skills for life in an exciting, safe and supportive environment. She is committed to bringing together School curriculums and EAL principles to promote a holistic educational approach that enhances the learning experiences of each student while fostering essential social aptitudes.

Marine’s long experience as a Secondary School teacher has taught her that teenagers are particularly vulnerable members of society who often struggle with the daily pressure of balancing the demands of school, expectations of parents and their social lives. She is particularly sensitive to the fact that over the years the pressure has been increasing making resilience, empowerment and authentic leadership even more vital skills that young people need to cultivate. She is convinced that horses’ natural abilities can be instrumental in teaching those skills.

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