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Living Your Passion. Fulfilling Your Purpose. Changing Lives With Horses. PRICELESS!


You know you want to work with horses. Riding instructor? No. Selling tack? Boring. Breeding? Rough hours. Did you even know a career existed with a horse being a teacher to help a human move forward?

This life-changing certification brings meaning, excitement, and so much fun, encompassing your passions AND purpose. A dream is just something you don’t know how to do yet. That’s where we come in…

It’s Not Just A Course…It’s a Career! Our Horse Certification Course INCLUDES Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) PLUS Business Training© to start your new venture right out of the gate. You won’t have to go it alone either; Equine Connection is committed and invested in you and your success! We aren’t successful until you are! Isn’t it time for you to start living your dream: after all, why not you?

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Leading Edge Professional Development is home to the Australian Campus for Equine Connection!

In January 2017, Equine Connection expanded and planted roots in Australia! After extensive training, a successful business of her own and hundreds of people helped through the power of her horses – Jane Hemingway-Mohr was the perfect fit and was asked to join the Equine Connection family as their instructor in this part of the world.

So, if you’re interested in our Horse Certification, and you’re located in Australia, New Zealand or even Europe, Lead Instructor Jane Hemingway-Mohr, together with Assistant Instructor, Alice Osborn, are your instructors & mentors for the course.

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Equine Connection

“The course is very interactive and surpassed my expectations. The training and information was easy to learn, clear and engaging! The platform is user friendly & they took the time to make sure that all facilitators have the tools to succeed. This course offers so much knowledge and skill for moving forward with empowering people! 

Although I haven’t attended the 3 day course yet, my life was changed on day one! I noticed within me how I was thinking outside of the box when dealing with my business and my horses. I have changed everything with my interaction with my horses. I am more intentional with everything I do with them. I was able to use  techniques with my mares and their body language said everything.

I am so thankful that I finally took this step and get to be part of such amazing group of people. You are my people! Thank you so much!”

Janelle Duhon

“I have been wanting to do this course for a couple of years now, but the timing always seemed tricky. Then Covid struck and globally we’ve all had time to slow down and reflect on what’s really important in our lives and change and adapt to these challenging times. Covid has had a huge affect on so many lives but its also had the positive affect of showing us opportunities to find a ‘new normal’. Equine Connection have done an outstanding job of adjusting their amazing business to the restraints imposed by lockdown, surging forward with their endless passion for people and horses. You’re all so inspiring and I LOVE, LOVE 💜 your energy and off the wall sense of humour. You ladies ROCK!

Thank you for welcoming and sharing your amazing, life changing course with myself and so many others so we can all collectively help change lives though our beautiful teachers.” 

Heidi McGowan

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