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Courage. Compassion. Congruence.

Professional Development with a difference…

Our approach to leadership development is directly modelled on how horses lead their herds in their natural environment. For millions of years horses have operated under a highly effective system of shared leadership. They adopt roles that create collective responsibility and accountability for the safety and success of the entire group.

The ever-present goal of herd leadership is health, harmony, and unity

Horses require clear, confident and authentic leadership and communication. When we work alongside them, they highlight these capabilities in us. As prey animals, they have incredibly astute senses and are highly sensitive to the energy, intention, actions and body language of humans. Their honest, immediate and non-biased responses to participants provides feedback on their leadership capabilities and team dynamics.

Horses serve as a barometer for non-verbal communication and identify incongruences between actions and intentions. They highlight inconsistencies instantly, honestly and without bias. They work solely on how it feels – they cannot function any other way. Horses react to the real person.

Our experienced leadership coaches guide participants in interpreting their horse’s responses. They provide a framework for examining how these responses parallel to the office environment. To close the loop, as participants adjust their actions and intentions, their horses responses will also shift. The cause and effect is obvious and immediate, and the parallels have a profound and lasting effect. Developing emotional intelligence through increasing self-awareness lays the foundation for truly authentic leadership.

Why Horses?

  • They have natural herd behaviours that require trust, respect and teamwork.
  • They consistently model assertiveness. They lead through assuredness – not force – and require the same from us.
  • Their instincts and senses are highly astute enabling them to pick up on things we may not be aware of.
  • They can’t lie or overthink our motives.
  • They give honest, instant and non-judgemental feedback. They are incapable of responding otherwise.
  • Horses automatically and immediately respond to confusion and frustration, and equally to its resolution.
  • Horses help instil empathy, kindness and compassion in the participants.
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