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Courage. Compassion. Congruence.

What distinguishes a great team from a good team? How do the best teams navigate differing capabilities, objectives and relational styles? Horses require clear communication, congruence and consistency from all members of the team. Based on the Equine Connection Building Block™ curriculum, our Teamwork with Horsepower™ equine programs give participants the opportunity to experience the ‘herd’ environment and deepen their awareness of themselves and their colleagues, ultimately developing the capabilities needed to operate at the highest levels.

As accredited practitioners, our programs combine the unique equine experiential learning component with a deep dive workshop into individual and team communication/relational styles. For teams looking for the next level of learning, we have partnered with BrainSmart® People Development to offer workshops which challenge and support teams and their leaders to be the best version of themselves, to harness their collective strengths, embrace diversity & change. 

Whether a high performing team or a newer team looking to build cohesion and effectiveness, our programs support you to reach the next level of performance. Combine this unique experience with a one-of-a-kind, purpose-built facility in a stunning location and you have all the ingredients for a meaningful and memorable day. All programs can be run as run as a full day or half day offerings with optional use of training room and facilities post program.

All Programs Include:


  • Equine experiential learning session using the Equine Connection Building Block™ curriculum
  • Individual & team communication style analysis via MiRo Psychometric Assessment (or your preferred model)
  • Team-based strategic thinking, self-awareness and empowerment activities
  • Facilitated debrief session to integrate and share transformational learnings
  • Optional use of training room, facilities and equipment for your own training purposes
  • Catering, corporate gift and post event photos
Intuit Classroom

Program Components:

Women in Leadership

Teamwork with Horsepower Session

Providing honest, immediate and totally non-judgmental feedback, horses are a leveller no human can match. They have no agenda, and know nothing about the office politics – they don’t know if you are a CEO or the intern. Horses respond to the real person. 

Through a series of group based activities with the horses, participants build greater awareness of themselves, colleagues and the environment. Further developing emotional intelligence, self-confidence and self-awareness that lays the foundation for truly authentic leadership and effective teamwork.

Beam Suntory Team Pic

Team Communication Workshop

For truly transformational learning, we combine the equine experiential learning component with a deep dive into individual and team communication/relational styles via the MiRo Psychometric Assessment Tool. In doing so, theory become visible and tangible, and the takeaways are profound. We also partner with clients to incorporate their preferred internal tools for a truly seamless experience.

  • DiSC Model
  • Hogan Psychometrics
  • Myer Briggs type Index (MBTI)
  • SDI, Discovery Insights
  • Strength Deployment Inventory
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BrainSmart Workshops

We are delighted to be partnering with Clare Edwards of BrainSmart® People Development to offer team leadership and development workshops that engage, inspire and effect positive, lasting behavioural change. Workshops are ideal for clients who want to:

  • Deepen learnings through a facilitated workshop that builds the time in the arena with the horses
  • Bring a large group and ensure everyone has a quality experience in the arena and in the classroom
  • Want to address a specific element of teamwork or leadership that requires expert facilitation
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