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Courage. Compassion. Congruence.

What distinguishes a great leader from a good leader? How is it that some leaders inspire and empower their people to be the best possible? Taking corporate leadership to that next level means not only making the individual leader aware of their unconscious behaviours/biases and the impact these have on the people around them, but how to use this self-awareness to nurture what is working and change what is not. 

Our Leadership in Action programs combine robust leadership theory, models and tools with unique equine experiences for truly transformational learning. The result is an incredible opportunity to see the theory in practice, to deepen awareness of self, others and the environment, and to witness the impacts of changing one’s leadership style, communication and approach to others. We deliver local, national, and global services for a range of different client groups.clie

Our approach is directly modelled on how horses lead their herds in their natural environment, operating under a highly effective system of shared leadership, adopting roles that create collective responsibility and accountability for the safety and success of the entire group. Read more about our unique approach here.

Through our innovative approach:

Leadership beliefs and behaviours become visible for conscious exploration.

Experience closes the gap between new insight and action.

Debrief and application conversations facilitate transfer and impact of learning to the workplace.

Abstract concepts of authenticity, engagement, presence, trust, and shared leadership move into concrete practice.

Your Leaders will be supported to:

Achieve a flexible and adaptive leadership style

Build self-awareness, authenticity and presence

Develop collective and collaborative leadership skills

Develop a strategic, innovative, action focused approach

Build confidence in their leadership capabilities

Navigate volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity

If we are willing to take onboard their leadership lessons, horses are a leveller that no human can match. Quite simply, they make the invisible, visible.

The Diamond Model of Shared Leadership™

Developed by TeachingHorse, LLC The Diamond Model of Shared Leadership is a powerful yet simple framework to guide decision-making in the midst of our VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world. Each of the learning experiences with horses is designed to develop individual and team capability to share leadership using enhanced skill in paying attention, setting direction, focusing energy, and being congruent. Our unique programs provide Leaders with a framework and common language for guiding their teams through uncertainty that is simple and repeatable.

As of 2022, we are the only equine experiential professional development practitioners certified in this modality in Australia. We offer Leadership programs in-person with the horses, online, or a combination of the two.

Equine Connection™

The Academy of Equine Assisted Learning

Canadian-based Equine Connection’s Building Block ™ curriculum includes a range of objective-driven programs that create tangible, real-world results with immediate impact. These researched based programs have a proven record of success with clients around the world.

As the market leader in Australia, Leading Edge is owned by the only Senior Facilitator and Certified Instructor here in the Southern Hemisphere. Alongside working with clients, we provide certification and CPD programs for fellow practitioners.

Vinnie with two men and a woman leader

MiRo Psychometric Assessment Workshops

MiRo is a well recognised psychometric assessment tool specifically designed for use in the workplace to help individuals and teams perform better and feel happier. MiRo provides  valuable insights into behaviours, motivations, relationships, communication and leadership styles. MiRo workshops can be incorporated into any of our Leadership Programs, or run as a stand-alone program, in-person or virtually.
Miro Understanding People

Additional Models and Tools

We partner effectively with our clients incorporating and complementing their existing training models and internal tools. Working collaboratively in this way ensures the effectiveness of our programs and creates a seamless experience for participants that draws on the familiarity of prior training.

We are delighted to be partnering with Clare Edwards of BrainSmart® People Development to offer Leadership Development workshops that further build on the learnings from our Equine sessions. Experts in the Neuroscience of Leadership, Clare and team work with leaders to develop their emotional intelligence, facilitate sustainable change, build exceptional self-leadership and inspire others to perform at their best. Complementing the equine programs, these workshops engage, inspire and effect positive, lasting behavioural change.

Brain-Smart Mindpower in Action

Executive Leadership

Women in Leadership
As a corporate executive, it can be almost impossible to remove yourself from your leadership role and view your style and skills objectively. Traditional tools can be limited in providing honest insight as to the impact you have on others, making it difficult to identify how to improve your effectiveness as a leader.
Our Executive Leadership program provides the unique opportunity for participants to deepen their self-awareness. Horses require clear, authentic leadership. Our leadership coaches work alongside you, with our horses, to elevate your leadership skills and build confidence and inspiration in your teams.

Key Talent Programs

Vinnie with two men and a woman leader
Developing the skills and abilities to be an effective leader in a corporate environment is critical for success at all levels. Our Key Talent & Emerging Leader programs provide an opportunity for those embarking on, or continuing to progress in Leadership roles, to build self-awareness and confidence in the leadership space.

As development needs vary greatly at this level, our Key Talent programs are focused on identifying each participant’s current abilities and developing their leadership skills in a personalised and impactful way. From emerging leaders to technical experts, our programs elevate the leadership skills of each participants.

Graduates and Interns

Vinnie with two men and a woman leader
The Graduates and Interns you hire today, will be your leaders of tomorrow. Commitment to the development of their skills and experience is the single most important thing you can do to ensure the future success of your business. In the competitive Graduate and Intern market, investment in training will set you apart.

Our programs develop the leadership and communication skills your new talent need to achieve the best results for themselves and for your organisation. Building their awareness of self, others and the environment at this early stage lays the foundation for leaders of the future who are aware, authentic and agile.

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