Mediation Services

Courage. Compassion. Congruence.

Mediation Services

We partner with Law Firms, Solicitors and other organisations supporting mediation services in workplace and family law settings. Our unique Equine Experiential Learning programs support participants develop key skills such as communication, trust, respect and negotiation. Working alongside our herd of horses, our trained facilitators assist participants in navigating complex situations and moving forward in positive ways. Developing emotional intelligence through increasing self-awareness lays the foundation for authentic, transformational growth. 

Workplace Mediation

Our workplace Mediation and Conflict Resolution programs support participants to develop their skills and identify and diffuse complex situations. Programs are tailored to the specific needs of participants ensuring they develop amicable and effective ongoing working relationships. 

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Family Law Mediation Services

We support families and couples who require Mediation services. Our equine programs provide a safe, supportive non-biased environment for individuals to develop the skills they need to navigate uncertainty, build communication skills, trust and respect in healthy and meaningful ways.

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Why Horses?


Horses require clear communication, authenticity, trust and respect. When we work alongside them, they require these from us, too. As prey animals, they have incredibly astute senses and are highly sensitive to the energy, intention, actions and body language of humans.

Horses serve as a barometer for non-verbal communication and identify incongruences between actions and intentions. They highlight inconsistencies instantly, honestly and without bias, providing gentle feedback for participants and providing a safe, non-judgemental space to develop skills.

Our experienced facilitators guide participants in interpreting their horse’s responses and provide a framework for examining how these parallel to situations participants may be experiencing. As participants adjust their actions and intentions, their horses responses will also shift. The cause and effect is obvious and immediate, and the learnings have a profound, lasting effect.

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The benefits of working with horses:


  • They have highly astute instincts and immediately identify incongruences between actions and intentions in those they work with.
  • They respond to confusion and frustration, and equally to its resolution.
  • They consistently model assertiveness leading through assuredness, not force.
  • Their natural herd behaviours require trust, respect and teamwork.
  • They help instil empathy, kindness and compassion in the participants.
  • They provide honest, instant and non-judgemental feedback.
  • They can’t lie or overthink a participant’s motive.
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