Girl’s Empowerment Program

Be Seen. Be Heard. Be YOU!

A powerful online skills program empowering 11 to 17 year old girls to build REAL skills for life!

Nothing is more important than raising SELF-CONFIDENT, RESILIENT & EMPOWERED young women.




Ensuring our girls develop the skills they need to EMBRACE THEIR FUTURE with CONFIDENCE and JOY.


Are you passionate about…

💞 Empowering your daughter with the skills she needs to THRIVE rather than merely survive adolescence?


💞 Helping her build REAL SKILLS through engaging, interactive and practical activities?

💞 Finding a program that you can TRUST, that’s been endorsed by Educators & Health Professionals?

💞Discovering a self-directed program that gives her the INDEPENDENCE to complete online, at her OWN PACE – anywhere, anytime?

BeYou@Home is perfect for ALL girls, especially those who:


🌟 Are thriving in their current environment and are looking to take their current resilience and life skills to the next level.

🌟 Are facing changes and challenges in life and would benefit from further developing a resilience toolkit that will support them to be the very best version of themselves.

🌟 May struggle with life’s inevitable ups and downs and the particular challenges of teen/pre-teen years.

🌟 Are home-schooled and would enjoy the self-directed and flexible content that meets curriculum requirements under the Health and Wellbeing content strand of the PDHPE curriculum.


Let’s EMPOWER our girls up with skills for life!

BeYou@Home includes:


🌟 SIX, INTERACTIVE, SELF-PACED lessons with access to OVER 12 HOURS of engaging content – videos, worksheets, activities, downloads + more!

🌟 12 month access to our easy to navigate ONLINE LEARNING PLATFORM online learning platform your daughter can access anywhere, anytime!

🌟 Detailed PARENT/CAREGIVER OVERVIEWS and additional resources helping you support your child!

🌟 Optional FAMILY ACTIVITIES, and resources SUPPORTING YOUR WHOLE FAMILY in building your connection, communication and resilience skills!

How are we different? HORSES are our TEACHERS!

Why horses?


🌸 Horses model empathy, kindness and acceptance – they lead with confidence not force.

🌸 Horses do not judge us for how we appear on the outside. They respond only to what matters most, how we make them feel on the inside.

🌸 Horses give honest and instant feedback. They respond in the moment, don’t lie and can’t hold a grudge.

Kind words from our clients…


I couldn’t love the Be You program any more! As a parent I loved the easy access, creativity & diversity for my daughter. She LOVES it and races to take part. She has learned real life skills like self-esteem & resilience in such a beautiful, relatable way. Love it all!

Laura (Parent, daughter 11)


“This experience has given me the mind-set that with trust and a gentle touch you can achieve anything with anyone. I was able to drop all my general thoughts and problems.”

Sadie – 14 years old


The program taught me about perseverance, that there is always another way of doing things. Don’t give up.”

Alexis – 16 years old

BeYou@Home builds REAL SKILLS & TOOLS to support your daughters future!


Through six interactive modules, your daughter will:

🌸 Build her confidence, self-esteem & self-worth and relational skills.

🌸 Practise setting, maintaining and respecting boundaries. Develop skills and strategies to manage conflict.

🌸 Understand her own and others communication styles. Build effective communication skills and strategies.

🌸 Develop her communication and and Active Listening skills.

🌸 Build resilience, practise gratitude and mindfulness. Learn to cope with changes and challenges.

🌸 Identify influences and practise setting SMART goals. Build her ‘Vision Board’.

Our kids are expected to cope with so many challenges during adolescence.


🌟 Add to that a world turned upside down with restrictions and uncertainty. It’s no wonder so many feel overwhelmed, misunderstood and frustrated.


🌟 Beyond Blue states 36.2% of 11 to 17 year old girls will experience high levels of psychological distress.


🌟 Our job as parents and caregivers is to ensure they feel seen and heard. We must support them in developing the RESILIENCE they need to THRIVE.


BeYou@Home is designed to do just that!

What the experts are saying:



“I was invited to be involved in the BeYou Program after referring a client to Leading Edge Life Skills. As a counsellor it is clear that our youth are struggling and it is vital that they are equipped with a diverse range of skills to help build resilience and instil hope”.


Paula Sinclair

Adolescent and Family Counsellor

BeYou@Home and the Australian Curriculum


🌟 BeYou@Home has been developed in line with the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) and the NSW Education Standards Authority Accreditation (NESA) guidelines.

🌟 The program satisfies the key requirements of the Australian Curriculum and NSW K-10 PDHPE Syllabus for Stage 4 (years 7 and 8) students.


🌟 If you are interested in understanding how BeYou relates to the Australian curriculum you can purchase the BeYou@Home – Curriculum Package as an optional extra. You will receive detailed overviews and curriculum related lesson plans.

Meet Your Coach!

Alice Field

Senior Facilitator & Instructor, Leading Edge Life Skills


Alice Field is the designer and coach for the BeYou@Home – Empowerment Program. She has a background in Corporate Human Resources with a focus on Learning & Development and Leadership. After working in the Corporate sector in Australia, the US and the UK, she reconnected with her love of horses and trained with Equine Connection Inc. in Equine Assisted Learning (EAL). She joined the Leading Edge team in 2018, combining her equine and leadership expertise.

Alice is passionate about working with young women, empowering them to become the best version of themselves.

“I remember so clearly the challenges of teen and early adolescent years. I designed the ‘Be You’ Program for young women to support them in developing skills that will ensure they flourish, finding the joy and happiness they deserve. Whether they are already embracing the challenges of life, or struggling to do so, our programs will help them be the best version of themselves, building key life skills that promote self confidence and self esteem”.