BeYou@TheBarn - Empowerment Program

BeYou@TheBarn – Empowerment Program

BeYou@TheBarn is a unique, all inclusive skills program designed specifically for Equine Connection Facilitators to deliver directly to clients. This innovative approach to skills development takes the lessons learned with our horses and bring these to life through a series of 6 x 50 minute workshops for teen/pre-teen girls and includes lesson plans, videos, activities, discussion questions and more!


Flexible delivery allows YOU to choose whether to run the programs face-to-face or online, stand alone or alongside EAL programs, or any combination of these. Your facilitator package includes everything you need to start running workshops for your clients today!

BeYou@TheBarn is a pre-packaged skills program for teen and pre-teen girls.  Through six, 50 minute interactive lessons (facilitated by you – either online or face-to-face), your clients will develop a ‘Resilience Toolkit’ empowering them to move forward in life with confidence and joy!

With over 12 hours of content, including more than 30 videos, worksheets and activities, the options for application are endless, including:

  • Run school term or school holiday workshops without the hassle and time needed to design activities from scratch.
  • Pairing each lesson with one of the EAL Building Block Programs (see brochure for recommendations) to add more value for your clients!
  • Facilitate the program online to broaden your client base and reach those who can’t physically attend your facilities!
  • With hours of additional homework and extension activities, extend the 6 lessons to 12 full lessons!
  • Include the worksheets and activities with any of your exisiting Youth or Women’s Programs!

The program has been designed in partnership with Educators and is endorsed by Child & Adolescent Mental Health Professionals to ensure the robust nature and psychological safety of the content provided. For those based in Australia, the program has been developed in line with the Australian Curriculum and Syllabus guidelines for years 7 & 8 students.

Watch the videos for more information and a walk through of the program!

Nothing is more important than empowering our girls with skills to become self-confident, self-aware and resilient young women!


Your BeYou@TheBarn Facilitator Package includes:

  • A complete, ready-to-go skills program for girls based on the lessons learned from our horses (for ages 11 – 17)
  •  Flexible delivery options – run online or face-to-face
  •  6 x 50 minute lessons arranged over three units of study
  •  Hours of additional homework and extension activities that can extend the program to 12 full lessons
  •  Detailed facilitator lesson plans with step by step guides and additional resources
  •  Narrated lesson content videos
  •  Group and/or individual activities with detailed worksheets and discussion questions
  • Content and activities endorsed by Educators and Child & Adolescent Health professional

How will BeYou@TheBarn support your business?


All business must adapt in order to grow. Now more than ever, flexibility in the way we deliver programs for clients is vital in ensuring our businesses continue to thrive. So how do we continue to reach clients in these uncertain times? How can we remain agile, responsive and proactive? How can we be flexible in delivering programs?


BeYou@TheBarn is the answer!








Is there anything harder than being an adolescent?

Young people have so many challenges to face during adolescence – physical changes, social challenges, school pressures and more. No wonder so many feel overwhelmed, misunderstood and frustrated.

Beyond Blue states 9.9% of 11-17 year olds experience high levels of psychological distress, FOR FEMALES, THIS RISES TO 36.2%.

It is vital we support our young clients in developing the resilience, confidence and self-esteem needed to thrive, rather than merely survive adolescence.

Through the BeYou@TheBarn your clients will:

  • Strengthen leadership and communication skills
  • Build self-awareness and self-confidence
  • Learn to develop authentic, trust-based relationships
  • Help overcome barriers and embrace change
  • Build empathy, respect and compassion
  • Cultivate resilience and self-management skills
  • Recognise differences as strengths and embrace teamwork

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