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How Is Equine Connection Different?

WE USE HORSES! Why choose a 500kg teacher?
There is no pushing around these teachers. Our participants will have to step up. If a horse doesn’t have a leader, they will become the leader.

They are a prey animal.
This means their senses are highly astute. They can hear our heart beat and they will react the slightest changes within a team – allowing facilitators to find those “teachable moments”.

They are just like us – sort of.
Horses have a lot to teach us, but they are also a lot like us. Herds to horses are teams to people. Horses require a leader that they trust and respect, just like we would love to have in the workplace. These parallels give us the ability to parallel everything that happens to real life so that what you learn really sticks!

Quite simply, the horse does the teaching; facilitators are there to offer explanation and provide guidance as they work through the solution. Working with horses creates memories that we can apply to our lives and retain far longer than sitting in ‘just another classroom’.

Lasting Change because you Can’t Fool the Teacher!

Our, one of a kind, BuildingBlock™ Certified Equine-Assisted Learning Program© will teach your group how four-legged teachers assist participants in learning the power and strength of non-verbal communication and change within themselves. This is a powerful journey of teaching, learning and understanding. This is NOT just a fun day out, well, it is still fun, but it is a skill building session. We can help you make sure you have the right people in the right positions.

Fun + Hands On Learning = Change

✓ Immediate change through experiential learning
✓ Objective and outcomes tailored to your organization
✓ Itemization of the issues facing the company
✓ Solid understanding of who is in your team and how to effectively work together
✓ Great leadership comes with being a great communicator
✓ Horses reveal the hidden dynamics of your leaders and teams

Are there additional charges after we book programs with you?

Absolutely not!
Our program includes everything for your people:

✓ BuildingBlock Program of your choice, with introduction and safety guidelines and, most importantly, a thorough debriefing
✓ Certified, experienced facilitators
✓ A fun, engaging day of hands‐on skill building
✓ Snacks and drinks throughout the day
✓ Insurance Coverage

Why will this program work over others we have tried?

We are one of a kind. We are different. We are unique and we are fun. We have research backing our programs with proven results and outcomes your organization is looking for. The same actions bring the same results. With us, you have found the organisation to bring about the change your leaders and teams need to take your company to that next level.

What group sizes do you work with?

As small as 4 and to a maximum of 12 in any one session. We can work with larger groups up to 24 by providing an alternative team building activity while half the group does the Equine Assisted Learning session. We have partners in other areas of expertise including nutrition and exercise for the time poor, meditation to relieve stress and how to nail your next presentation. These partners have been selected as their programs work well with ours – perfect for a corporate day out that’s not just fun but informative and practical.

Do I need experience with horses?

Absolutely not. Our program does not require you to ride a horse so no prior experience is necessary. We inform every group of the rules and safety precautions to take around the animals and the arena. We always put safety first and we can accommodate everyone’s different comfort levels around the horses.

What If I’m scared or don’t like horses?

No worries! If you aren’t being pushed out of your comfort zone, you aren’t learning. This is an opportunity to overcome your fears or preconceived notions. Some of the people who have attended our workshops have started out petrified, but by the end of the program, they have all learned more about themselves and overcome their fear.

What if it is raining or stormy? Or there are high winds?

Our programs are run in an outdoor arena. The programs run in light rain, however, heavy rain, thunder storms and high winds make the day unpleasant and even unsafe. We will reschedule your program or refund your money should this be the case. Luckily, the weather is usually kind to us and we have only ever had to reschedule one program. We are planning to build an indoor arena so that the programs will be able to take place regardless of the weather.

Do we ride the horses?

No. All of our work is out of the saddle. You will work alongside the horses as part of your team for the best and true reaction of the horse and the most beneficial way of learning for you. This way the horse can be its true self.

Do I need certain clothing?

Although chaps and a pair of cowboy boots aren’t required, we do have certain safety requirements when it comes to your clothing. Simple things like closed toe shoes and dressing in clothes that you are ok with getting a little dusty. We will give you a full list of these safety measures, of course.

Where do you run your programs? Is that far away?

Not at all! We are centrally located in the Sydney northern beaches’ suburb of Terrey Hills, just 25 kms from the Sydney CBD and even closer to other business districts such as North Sydney, and the North Shore.

Are you Certified?

Yes! Jane Hemingway-Mohr is certified through the Academy of Equine Assisted Learning, a leading organisation in EAL, and offers the only certified building block program in the World.

Are You Insured?

Yes! We carry extensive insurance for ourselves and those who attend our courses.

I’m allergic.

Knowing is half the battle! Just be sure to take an allergy pill before you come. Our sales and Marketing Director is also allergic to horses, but finds that the allergy pills will do the trick.

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