Young Leaders Programs

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Young Leaders Programs

At Leading Edge we are passionate about inspiring the next generation of leaders, supporting them to develop their leadership potential at school and beyond. Our programs have been specifically designed for senior High School students in leadership roles, to develop valuable leadership skills including clear communication, appropriate assertiveness, resilience, kindness and empathy.

During our programs students work in small groups alongside our herd of horses. As herd animals, horses role model clear, effective and authentic leadership. They intuitively seek this in order to feel safe and secure when working alongside our student participants. Students are challenged to demonstrated these skills in order to become the leader the horse seeks. As students adjust their actions and intentions, their horse’s response will also shift. The cause and effect is obvious and immediate, and the learnings have a profound, lasting effect.

Our experienced facilitators guide students in interpreting their horse’s responses and provide a framework for examining how to parallel this learning to their leadership roles. This results in improved learning outcomes and ensures learning is transferred to all areas of their lives. Programs also include comprehensive group briefing and debriefing discussions that align to each school’s values, objectives and focus areas.

Our purpose built training facility is located 25 minutes from the CBD on Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches. We work with a range of High Schools in and around Sydney and are delighted to be a part of developing the potential of young people in our community.

Why Horses?

Horses are exceptional teachers when it comes to developing life and leadership skills for young people.  As prey animals, they have incredibly astute senses and are highly sensitive to the energy, intention, actions and body language of humans. They serve as a barometer for non-verbal communication and identify incongruences between actions and intentions.

Horses highlight inconsistencies instantly, honestly and without bias. They provide clear and direct feedback for students in a safe, non-judgemental space to develop skills.

Benefits of working with horses:

  • They have highly astute instincts and immediately identify incongruences between actions and intentions.
  • They respond to confusion and frustration, and equally to its resolution.
  • They consistently model leading through assuredness, not force.
  • Their natural herd behaviours require trust, respect and teamwork.
  • They provide honest, instant and non-judgemental feedback to participants.
  • They help instil empathy, kindness and compassion.
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