Confidence at work is one of my favourite topics – it is actually a part of our motto, ‘Confidence. Consciousness. Compassion.’, at Leading Edge. Whether it’s building your own or helping others around you boost theirs, confidence is essential for a happy and productive workplace.

As a woman, I’m particularly aware of fostering confidence in myself and the women around me, as there’s plenty of data to show that women are more likely to underestimate their abilities.

But, I’ve seen a lack of confidence plague men as well. It can impact anyone’s leadership.

Horses look for a confident leader to feel safe. By that I mean a leader who is self-assured enough to know when they have the skills and experience to solve a problem and when it is time to share that responsibility with others in the team.

Without confidence, we can hold ourselves and our teams back. But with it, we’re able to:

  • Follow our vision, even if there’s some risk
  • Stay motivated and optimistic
  • Focus and not get distracted by unimportant developments
  • Stop comparing ourselves to other people
  • Nurture others in a team to achieve their full potential
  • Learn from mistakes.

Here are some ways to work on improving your confidence:

  • Keep a daily diary of achievements to help you remember everything that you do well ✍️
  • Set some goals to help yourself feel more in control and boost your confidence
  • Follow your passion both at work and outside
  • Learn techniques for calm, relaxation and rest. 🧘

What helps boost your confidence?