I read a great article from the Centre for Creative Leadership (CCL) this week on the 4 Keys to Success for Women Leaders. CCL’s research found that women leaders embrace:

  • Agency,
  • Connection,
  • Authenticity, and
  • Wholeness

in their approach to work and life in general.

Agency empowers us to act with intention and decisiveness. Connection brings us closer, fostering meaningful relationships that drive success. Authenticity encourages us to lead with our true selves, building trust and respect. Wholeness reminds us to balance all facets of our lives, creating a more fulfilled self.

“These four themes are woven into (women’s) career decisions and leadership styles. Collectively, these themes reveal deeper, more complex images of successful women and offer opportunities for reflection and insight for those who are navigating their leadership journeys.”

These themes resonate with me personally and with the work we do in the leadership space with our horses. In fact, our equine enhanced experiences parallel the four principles beautifully. Working alongside horses promotes Agency by challenging participants to lead with confidence and clarity in their interactions. Connection is deepened as learners develop an understanding of their horse teammate, mirroring the power of relationships in leadership. Authenticity shines as horses respond to genuine human emotions, encouraging leaders to be their true selves. Lastly, Wholeness is achieved through the reflective and holistic nature of working with horses, encouraging a balanced approach to leadership and life.

Let’s embrace these keys to success to unlock our leadership potential. Here’s to empowering women leaders everywhere!

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