I’ll never forget a lesson my horses once taught me about composure.

🐎 During the last lockdown period, I was helping to bring all our horses in to the barn as a new storm brewed on the horizon. We had plenty of time, we were not in danger, and I was handling the situation in a calm and efficient manner.

Or so I thought.

I was surprised to find my horses, Legs and Opal, were reacting to me in a way that was different to usual. They were jumpier, less co-operative. It was only at that point that I realised: my anxiety was sky-high. And, despite telling myself that I was composed, the horses could sense otherwise.

What a lesson on how your own composure impacts those around you! If a leader doesn’t maintain composure then it filters through to everyone.

And in the face of all the uncertainty of the last couple of years, it’s a more important skill than ever. 

How good are you at maintaining composure? Can you think of a time where you did/didn’t?