If the past couple of years have taught us anything, it is the importance of connection.

As Allison Harrington, Founder and CEO of Moove and Groove, said, after a recent team event with us, “After two years of zoom screens, it was so refreshing to combine intuitive learning and fun.”

What we get with in-person connection is a feeling, a vibe, energy. These cannot be replaced. When a wild horse is removed from his/her herd, they remember each other even when reunited years later.  The connection remains despite physical separation.

Remote working has tested our traditional means of working with our colleagues. And while video conferencing and many other tools specifically designed to keep us connected are amazing, (seriously, what would we do without them?) they cannot totally replace in-person interaction.

I recently read this article in Time Magazine about how Ford – which originally implemented the 9 -5 work day – is now converting a number of its workplaces into ‘collaboration centres’ and working under a hybrid model where people work from home but come in when they need to connect.

We have found this hybrid model invaluable. The convenience of technology and the importance of in-person connection with the experiential component bringing to life any insights.

How do you maintain connection?