Let’s talk about motivation.

People are motivated by a range of things in their work and life, from career goals to money to personal and family goals. However, what lies underneath all this is a simple fact:

What motivates us is what aligns with our purpose.

For example, helping others develop skills to find their true inner leader and become the leader of their own lives is what gives me purpose. Turns out this is a great formula to help people on their leadership journey in the workplace. Therefore, it’s what motivates me to run my business. And working with horses, who look for that congruent leader for their own and their herd members’ safety, is the perfect way for me to accomplish this.  

Aligning with your own purpose will lead to greater satisfaction and motivation to keep going. Your purpose can be simple and doesn’t have to be earth shattering! Helping those more vulnerable, having enough to support yourself and/or your family, supporting a cause or sharing your unique experience and expertise are all examples of things that keep us motivated.

💖 Everyone deserves the chance to align with their purpose, become their best self and feel motivated.