Have you ever tried to negotiate with a horse?


Trust me, it really tests your negotiating skills (yep, even more than negotiating with a toddler!). You see, you cannot force a 500kg + being to do anything he doesn’t want to do. But you can negotiate so you are both happy to work together!. 


You have to give a horse a good reason for doing something, you must give the horse a reason to trust you, and you have to remain calm. This is the same with humans – we are just not always open about it.


🙅‍♀️ Otherwise, negotiating with this large animal is not going to go well.


It’s one of the many reasons horses are such great teachers! Some lessons on being a good negotiator which you can use as a leader:


  • Remain calm, and keep your emotions in check
  • Use self-awareness to see how you come across to the other person
  • Be a good communicator and state your point clearly
  • Listen carefully so you can understand the other’s point of view.


🤝 How good are you at negotiating? Is it something you could brush up on?


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