Horses always remind us about being present, because they can sense when our mind is elsewhere and will let us know.

When we aren’t present with our colleagues or even our families and friends, their feelings are likely to be the same – even if their reactions aren’t as obvious.

🐎 For example, my horse, Opal, gave me a reminder about being present during a five-day training course. It was day one and in addition to our six trainees,  we had a new client coming.

When we did our demonstration on how we work with the horses in the arena, instead of being her usual self and like one with me, Opal literally pulled me across the arena. I made it part of the demo – asking who they thought the leader was and what can happen when we don’t find our inner leader – but I was really surprised.

The session went well and afterwards I was chatting to one of the clients who said one word that hit me like a freight train.


I had let myself be so distracted with trying to do my best for the course participants and the new clients that I wasn’t present and Opal called me out on it. We’ve worked together for so long and I took her for granted. She called me out on that too.

In today’s world, we can struggle to remain present in the moment – we’re in a work meeting thinking about the next thing on our “to-do” list, or at home with the family but thinking about work. This is also one of the reasons that taking a genuine break can be difficult, particularly for those of us who have demanding jobs, businesses and/or responsibilities in our personal lives.

Being present in the moment is not something that necessarily comes easily to us. So, here are a few things that may help.

🧘 Try to be mindful and try to live in the now

🧘 Decide what your boundaries are with work

🧘 Set your own personal limits with technology use

Do you have any tips for remaining present? Let me know!