Working with purpose leads to a happier work life, better functioning teams and superior leadership.

Research suggests that most people value meaning in their work, and it can in fact be a greater motivator than other elements like money. And, for leaders, a big factor in the quality and success of their leaderships is how they are able to also help their workplaces become ‘abundant’ with meaning and purpose.

Thinking about purpose look different for everyone, depending on who you are, what you want and your personal circumstances.

Finding our purpose is a journey. I feel blessed that I am doing what I truly believe I was born to do. A bold statement but my purpose has evolved – from the little girl who spoke to animals (and fully thought she understood their answers lol) to running leadership development programs where horses are the teachers. Everything in-between – school, university, work in Australia and overseas for large and small companies, my birth family and the family I birthed – has shaped where I am today.

So, regularly taking a step back and examining your purpose may:

  • Remind your why you do your job, refreshing your enthusiasm and drive
  • Make you shift your focus to align more closely with your purpose
  • Set goals designed to lead you towards your purpose, or further into your purpose
  • Consider making a job or career change which gives you more purpose
  • Take up a new activity, hobby or learning/course which helps you find or increase your feeling of purpose

How is your journey going? Have you found your why?