“There is no courage without vulnerability.”

Brené Brown

💯 Brené Brown’s research and writing really resonates with me. In this case, I love the way she relates courage to vulnerability.

The participants in our programs go through this process. Often, they start with their guard up –who knows why? Perhaps this comes from wanting to impress their colleagues but are outside their comfort zone when face-to-face with a 500kg animal. But as we know, growth begins at the edge of your comfort zone.

The BEAUTIFUL part of working with horses is there is no judgement. They provide instant and  honest feedback simply on how we make them feel (basically, safe or not). And after all, isn’t that how we all want to feel?

You see, the POWERFUL part of working with horses is they make the invisible visible. They see through the ‘corporate persona’ to our true selves.

But there is a catch. You actually have to be brave enough to listen. Vulnerability takes courage and sometimes we don’t like what we see. Especially in a leadership position, vulnerability can feel very uncomfortable.  

Once we allow ourselves to become vulnerable enough to admit our challenges, however, we can then gather the courage to lead with the courage to be our authentic selves. There’s no stopping us!

Give it a try. YOU ARE WORTH IT!